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Our veteran, Mississippi civil litigation attorneys understand how challenging disputes can be. Even disputes that seem simple at first can escalate, creating a much more complex case with even more at stake. When you work with us, you can be confident that your case is being handled with care and that we are working towards the best possible resolution. We strive to protect your rights, and we will passionately advocate for a verdict that is in your favor.

Insurance Defense

Our insurance defense attorneys have years of experience in helping with insurance disputes.

Medical Malpractice

We have the experience and expertise to defend trusted medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals against emotionally charged allegations .

Premises Liability

When the safety and security of your property are called into question, our attorneys put years of experience and skill into your defense.

Products Liability

Companies facing questions about the safety of their products trust our experienced team to handle this complex litigation.

Corporate Litigation Experts

Corporate Litigation

We have decades of experience in arbitrations and mediations. Our firm is prepared to move quickly to obtain positive results, even if it ultimately requires trial.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

When disputes arise over the breadth and scope of an insurance contract, insurance companies and business owners rely on our attorneys’ skill and knowledge to resolve their coverage questions.

Mass Tort Litigation

Our attorneys represent numerous defendants against one or multiple plantiffs in these civil matters.

What you need to know about civil litigation.

Civil litigation is an area of law where one individual can bring a lawsuit against another individual in order to obtain a judgment that prevents someone from doing something, forces someone to do something, or provides the plaintiff with compensation. In many cases of civil litigation, the final outcome is a combination of all three. Civil litigation can sometimes be solved through mediation or arbitration if the two parties are able to reach an agreement, but frequently, actual litigation is required in order to reach a decision that can be legally upheld.

Filing a civil lawsuit can be a complex, tedious and confusing process, which is why you should turn to a civil litigation lawyer for help. Whether the case involves personal issues, debt settlement or injuries, you will have a much better chance at winning a settlement if you are represented by an attorney who has years of experience at handling your type of case.